Indexed Universal Life: The Best Tax Advantage Left in the Tax Code

Nine Key Reasons Why Indexed Universal Life is Replacing 401K Plans.

  1. Enjoy stock market gains WITHOUT experiencing stock market declines
  2. Total access to YOUR cash. (no penalties, no taxes, no government control, no age penalties)
  3. Tax-deferred growth & tax-free loans
  4. Deposits up to $1,000,000
  5. Ideal for high-wage earners, self-employed, college funding, key employee retention (golden handcuffs)
  6. Insured if unexpected death occurs
  7. You pick retirement age (not gov't)
  8. Tax-free transfer 100% to heirs
  9. IRS approved

Why Indexed Universal Life is Replacing 401k Plans for Retirement

Indexed Universal Life eliminates the #1 risk associated with retirement plans. A stock market collapse will devastate a retirement portfolio, especially for clients nearing retirement. Imagine working your entire life, with numerous retirement plans.  Unfortunately, a stock market crash will destroy your ideal retirement goals. 

For those nearing retirement, there is simply not enough time to recover from a stock market crash. Predictably, stock market crashes occur about every eight years.  The United States has not experienced a crash since 2008. 11 years ago. Do the math. We are overdue.

Did you know indexed universal life is an excellent strategy to use for key employees? Often referred to as "golden handcuffs". As an employer, you decide which employees are eligible to participate. You also decide how much money to fund the plan. 

Want some good news?

There is an alternative to risking your hard-earned retirement dollars in the unpredictable stock market. Indexed Universal Life is a flexible choice for savvy savers.  If you seek stock market like gains, without stressing about the stock market collapsing, Indexed Universal Life is an excellent choice.  Would you also enjoy tax-free retirement earnings and tax-deferred savings?  Is your current retirement plan insured? Doubt it!

If you deposit $30,000 in your 401K over a time frame of several years and you pass away, your heirs will inherit $30,000. With a retirement plan utilizing Indexed Universal Life as a platform, your heirs will received many multiples of your cash balance. All tax free!

Call or email for a free informational Indexed Universal Life report with complete details of this unique, tax-free income program.  1.800.277.3098

Stock market gains without stock market risk!

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