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Did you know?

1.  You may apply for up to $1,000,000 in life insurance with no medical exam required?  Up                    to the age of 60! 

2. Regardless of your health, you can qualify for permanent whole life insurance.

3. There are medical questions asked on a no medical exam application? In addition, your medical      history will also be researched. However, if you are applying for a guaranteed issue whole life            insurance policy, then there are no medical questions asked. 

Jack's Tips on Applying for No Medical Exam Life Insurance

  1. If you have health issues, do not purchase life insurance that requires a medical exam initially. It is a better strategy to apply for a no medical exam policy first. 

   Why? If you complete a medical exam it is possible the results may discover a previously                   unknown medical issue that may cause your life insurance application to be                               declined.      

Once your medical symptoms and conditions are discovered, your medical results are             public records and stored in the medical information bureau (MIB) permanently. Unfortunately, if you now go ahead and apply for a no exam medical life insurance policy, the insurance carrier will have access to your recent medical results. 

Recommended Strategy: The Bottom Line

Apply for a no medical exam policy first, then, if you are accepted or declined, look into applying for a less expensive life insurance policy requiring a free medical exam. This way, if you are declined for the application requiring a medical exam, you will still be protected with your initial no medical exam policy.

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