Discover how a life settlement can change your life.

A life settlement may offer a very profitable alternative compared to lapsing your policy.

Just imagine how enjoyable you would feel to deposit cash into your bank account instead of having your life insurance policy lapse?  Instead of trashing your life insurance policy, how about cashing in your policy!  By using a life settlement option, your life insurance policy can be sold to an institutional investor in a fully regulated industry. A life settlement, for those age 65 and older, may be a smart alternative than lapsing your policy for ZERO cash. 

After paying your life insurance premiums for years or decades, all too often our life insurance premiums become too expensive to maintain. The most common result is to stop paying your life insurance premiums... leaving you with no protection and no cash. 

A life settlement may be a lucrative alternative. Wouldn't it be fabulous to get a check for some, all or even more than the premiums you paid the insurance carrier all those years? 

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Life Settlement

Life settlement

A life insurance policy is property that can be sold. Use cash from a life settlement to live a better life today.

How much cash can I receive in a life settlement?

Primary factors that determine how much cash is available for your policy.

  1.  Your age (min. age 65)
  2.  Amount of your life insurance policy's death benefit (min. $100,000)
  3.  # of years you have owned your policy (min. 2 years)
  4.  Overall changes in your health since purchasing your life insurance policy
  5.  Type of life insurance policy you own (Term, Permanent)

Nine most popular reasons to utilize a life settlement to sell your life insurance policy. 

  • Pay for health care costs.
  • End of coverage on your term policy.
  • Divorce.
  • Help to fund long-term care expenses.
  • Improved/enhance retirement lifestyle.
  • Replace lost income.
  • Premiums are no longer affordable.
  • Pay off debt.
  • No longer need to pay estate taxes.

Just Imagine...

What if you could stop paying your expensive monthly premiums and receive a cash payout for your life insurance policy? A life settlement may provide this option to you. 

Did you know many people cancel their life insurance policies as they get older due to higher, unmanageable premiums? Utilizing a cash-paying life settlement option certainly is more beneficial than canceling your current life insurance policy, right?

Does this sound all-too familiar?

"I just received notice my policy is expiring. I can't afford the new rates."

"My policy does not have enough cash in the policy... my premiums are skyrocketing."

"I really don't need my policy anymore."

"Is there any way to get cash for my policy?"

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