No Children

Life Insurance and Married with no Kids? 

Can you maintain your lifestyle on one salary?

If you are like most married couples, you may be living off two incomes to support your lifestyle.

The loss of a spouse would be emotionally devastating. More often than not, the loss would also be financially life changing.

Protecting your current lifestyle -- car, neighborhood, friends, home, gym -- with a low cost life insurance policy is the least expensive and most prudent decision you will ever make.

Many popular suggestions include a 10 year term life policy, 20 year term life policy or 30 year term life policy.  There is now a 40 year term life policy available. Inexpensive protection for 40 years. Nice option, depending on your age.

Did you know there is no medical exam needed up to 1M in life insurance protection (depending on your age)?  Additionally, if you desire a policy that creates a cash value, we recommend an index universal life (IUL) policy. 

Give us a call today for a personal review of your needs. 1.800.277.3098. 

Please take a look at our self-directed, tax-free retirement program. Ideal alternative to high-fees 401(k) plans. Click here for more details.

Take two minutes to review how inexpensive life insurance is today.  You may be pleasantly surprised at the low rates!

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