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Why Life Insurance is Critical when Married with Children: 

Moving Kids is Traumatic

I am sure you will agree, nothing, and I mean nothing, gives you a completely new perspective on life than the birth of your child. It is both shear joy and, let's be honest, a bit nerve racking, right? 🙂 

However, one point we can all agree is that as a parent our responsibilities change overnight.  We are not just responsible for ourselves anymore. Others, little ones, depend on us making the right choices each day.  We recognize the need to protect those dependent on us. It is part of the maturation process of being a parent and an adult. 

Purchasing a life insurance policy provides protection for your family's current way life. Securing a life insurance policy announces to your loved ones, "I get it. I will do my best to provide for you now and in the event I pass away unexpectedly."

Many affordable and popular suggestions include a 10 year term life policy, 20 year term life policy or 30 year term life policy.  There is now a 40 year term life policy available. Inexpensive protection for 40 years. Nice option, depending on your age.

Did you know there is no medical exam needed up to 1M in life insurance protection (depending on your age)?  Additionally, if you desire a policy that creates a cash value, we recommend an indexed universal life (IUL) policy. Give us a call today for a personal review of your needs. 1.800.277.3098. 

Life insurance may very well be the difference for your family having to move out of your family home. A new school district for the kids. Many major changes will take place for any family without life insurance protection. Is that what you want for your family?

I didn't know her yesterday; today my daughter was born and I would do everything and anything to protect her.

Jack D Davis, Parent of Two

Owner of Low Term​ Insurance

Life Insurance Protection:
Needed More Than One Can Imagine

As parents it is our job to provide for the physical safety and the financial well being of our family. Imagine the emotional devastation with the loss of a spouse? It is beyond the imagination. Now, imagine the financial devastation of losing the primary breadwinner?

Truly, nothing would ever be the same for your spouse and your children.

Below are just some of the major life components to be adversely affected with the loss of the primary breadwinner:

  • Neighborhood you live in
  • Schools your kids attend
  • Car you drive
  • Social circles will change
  • Kids' sports team will be affected
  • Entertainment (dining out/movies)
  • Family vacations
  • College plans
  • Time spent with kids
  • Quality of day care

In all reality, an early passing will change EVERYTHING in your life.

Please, take two minutes to see how reasonable life insurance rates are currently.

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