Ten Most Sited Reasons to Buy  Term Life Insurance

Ten Most Sited Reasons to Buy Term Life Insurance

  • 1
    To protect the financial welfare of a new baby should a parent pass away.
  • 2
    To help replace the devastating loss of salary from the death of a parent.
  • 3
    To cover the balance of a home mortgage
  • 4
    To protect the payments required for an SBA loan or Bank loan.
  • 5
    To ensure a key employee
  • 6
    To satisfy a divorce decree
  • 7
    To protect the assets of grandparents who are helping their children raise a grandchild in a single parent environment.
  • 8
    To help fund your child’s college in the event of a loss of a parent.
  • 9
    Leave money to your favorite charity
  • 10
    To fund your grandchildren(s) college expenses

Jack D Davis

Over 30 years in the life insurance industry offering innovative products ranging from tax-free retirement plans to term life insurance to final expense and mortgage protection insurance. Business solutions include advice on buy/sell funding and key executive "golden handcuff" program to retain your most valuable employees.

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