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Jack did the impossible for our family! My husband sustained serious injuries in Afghanistan resulting in 7 previous denials for life insurance over the past 3 years.

We were desperate to get him qualified for life insurance even if it was at a ‘high risk’ status. We were afraid that his medical history would keep him from ever being considered.

Jack’s professionalism and perseverance got my husband qualified for a 20-year term policy for $1M at a STANDARD rate!!!! (not ‘high risk’).

I cried from happiness!

Jack was there for us around the clock, he responded and updated us as needed even after hours and on the weekends. He gave us his all and we thank him greatly for being there for our family.

He will be there for you too.

Thank you so much, Jack!

Michael & Alina S.

Smyrna, TN

Jack has been extremely helpful through the process of finding Term life for my wife and I. He has been very quick to respond to my inquiries and helpful with finding the best policies. I strongly recommend using him

Michael M.

Jacksonville. FL

It was a pleasure to work with Jack had many questions and concern for life insurance for my self and wife he was professional and quick to get the answers and he really cared that we had the right policy.I would highly recommend to use Jack.”

Roy D.

Willimantic CT

We have known Jack for over 16 years. Feel confident you will not find a person with more integrity in the business. Jack has handled our personal insurance as well as a tax-free retirement plan we have set up for our key employees as well as our children. Thanks Jack!

Ben and Sarah LaFrance

Owners of Martial Arts Studio, Downingtown, PA

We responded to a letter Jack had sent to us. I have to be honest, we had met a couple of life insurance agents prior to agreeing to chat with Jack. Let's put it this way, Jack's knowledge and experience was quite evident from the start. Jack's ability to break down the various options in understandable language was appreciated. Thanks again Jack.

Tom and Marie M.

Seminole, FL

I recently took a life insurance policy out with Jack Davis. I found Jack to be extremely helpful and knowledgeable about getting me the correct policy. I would highly recommend Jack to others.

Mark H.

Palm Harbor

I found Jack's firm through an internet search and have been very grateful for his honest, direct recommendations. Life insurance and family planning is a sensitive subject. Jack's advice and guidance was great appreciated.

Julie B.

St. Petersburg, FL Single Mom with kids.

Buying life insurance can be a tricky experience with the wrong agent. Jack truly made the process relaxing and with no sales pressure at all. We are very grateful for having met Jack and will gladly refer him to our network of friends.

Robert and Diane L.

Tampa, FL.

Jack Davis was very courteous and patient while searching for a policy to fit my needs. He also followed through with what he said he would accomplish and more. It was a pleasure to work with him.

Debbie M

Clearwater, FL

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